v6.2 to v7.0

This release is coordinated with OpenStudio-HEScore v2.0.

What’s New


  • EPS wall type will now be selected if there is any continuous insulation on the wall, not just if it has the InsulationMaterial/Rigid subelement. See Wood Frame Walls.
  • Assembly R-values can be used in for floors, attics, roofs, and walls.
  • More R-values are now available in the HEScore construction codes for floors, attics, roofs, and walls. No action is required. Existing HPXML elements will be translated accordingly.
  • A blower door test no longer requires the AirInfiltrationMeasurement/TypeOfInfiltrationMeasurement element. If a CFM50 or ACH50 value is reported, it will be used. See Blower Door Test.
  • Added support for knee walls. See Knee Walls.
  • Either an AirInfiltrationMeasurement or AirSealingMeasurement element is now required.
  • Ducts in the garage will now be translated to unvented crawlspace in HEScore. See Duct Location Mapping.


Water Heating

  • The maximum allowed EF for a tank type water heater is now 0.95, and the maximum allowed EF for a tankless water heater is 0.99. Electric heat pump water heaters will continue to allow EFs between 1.0 and 4.0 inclusive.


  • PV Tilt is translated and used in HEScore. See Panel Tilt.
  • Number of Panels is now being translated from HPXML v3 files. See Number of Panels.


Full Changelog: https://github.com/NREL/hescore-hpxml/compare/v6.2..v7.0