Home Performance with Energy Star

Inputs for the Home Energy Score submit_hpwes API call can be retrieved from an HPXML file as described below.

Identifying HPwES Projects

To trigger data collection for HPwES project, the following elements need to be included depending on HPXML version used.


To translate the HPwES fields, the Project/ProgramCertificate must be present and equal to Home Performance with Energy Star.


In HPXML v3.0+, ProgramCertificate no longer exists and a new element of path Building/BuildingDetails/GreenBuildingVerifications/GreenBuildingVerification is used. Similarly, GreenBuildingVerification must be present as Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.


To get the Home Performance with Energy Star (HPwES) data from an HPXML file a Project node needs to be included. The following elements are required under the Project node:

        <ProjectSystemIdentifiers id="projectid"/>
        <!-- HPXML v2 only --><ProgramCertificate>Home Performance with Energy Star</ProgramCertificate>

If more than one Project element exists, the first one will be used. The user can override this by passing the --projectid argument to the translator command line.

The project fields are mapped as follows:

HPXML ProjectDetails submit_hpwes API value
StartDate improvement_installation_start_date
CompleteDateActual improvement_installation_completion_date


A Contractor element is also required with at minimum the following elements:

        <SystemIdentifier id="contractor1"/>
            <SystemIdentifier id="contractor1businessinfo"/>
            <BusinessName>My HPwES Contractor Business</BusinessName>

If there are more than one Contractor elements, the contractor with the id passed in the --contractorid command line argument is used. If no contracter id is specified by the user, the contractor listed in the Building/ContractorID will be used. If that element isn’t available, the first Contractor element will be used.

The contractor fields are mapped as follows:

HPXML Contractor submit_hpwes API value
ContractorDetails/BusinessInfo/BusinessName contractor_business_name
ContractorDetails/BusinessInfo/extension/ZipCode contractor_zip_code